The Building Process


Know what to expect when you build a home with Wide Bay Homes.

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Stage 1


Choose Your Favourite Designs

Wide Bay Homes have up to 60 different designs to choose from. These designs can be modified and changed to suit your needs & requirements.

You’ll also get a choice on which fixtures, appliances and extras you’d like to include when it comes time to choosing these for your own home.

Stage 2


Find Your Land

Once you have a good idea what sized house will suit your needs, you can then consider searching for a block of land. 

If you need, we are happy to do a site inspection before your buy to make sure your dream house fits with all your requirements.

We will also check for relevant Building Covernents and extra room for a Shed & Pool etc.

Stage 3


Obtain Finance

Now you can envision your home, and you’ve chosen the block of land to make it happen, it’s time to investigate your finance options.

Look into QLD government grants and discuss with your bank, mortgage broker or our local mortgage Specialist Michelle Milsom-Wright, the best way to finance your new home.

Once chosen your budget we can put together a Preliminary quotation with Specification.

Stage 4


Preliminary Quote

Now is the time we Order Soil Test, Contour Plans, Council Information and any Relevant searches.

This will allow us to give you a fixed price contract.

Stage 5


Now To Choose Your Selection

Once you’ve chosen your house design, now comes another exciting part – style!

This is the part where you can sit down with us and choose colours, fixtures, appliances, features and much more…

Or you can go through out suppliers’ showrooms and decide.

Stage 6


Signing The Contract

Once all the selections have been chosen, we can finalise the contract to reflect your selections so there is no hidden cost.

Stage 7


Follow The Build

Now it’s time to keep in communication with the Builder and watch as your dream home is built.

At various stages of the build, you’ll be invited by your Builder to meet on-site and discuss the progress of the home.

You’ll be able to make sure everything is going according to plan and be a part of all the action as it’s taking place.

Stage 8


Finishing Touches

Now come the finishing touches, so get ready to move!

Your house will truly start to look like a home as the final Fixtures, Fittings & Appliances are installed.

Stage 9


Final Inspection

Now that the house has reached practical completion, you’ll be able to walk through and check that you are completely happy with it.

If there happens to be any minor adjustments, your builder will be happy to arrange it either before you move in, or just after.

Stage 10


Key Handover

The handover is always exciting!

The key will be handed to you by the builder and you’ll be able to enjoy the dream home you have created.